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                Life Sciences Product Catalog | Corning

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                Product Portfolio

                ADME/Tox Research

                Helping you stay on the leading edge of drug discovery and development.

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                Delivering the end-to-end solution you need — and the high yield you demand.

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                Cell Culture

                Creating an ideal environment for growing cells, right from the start.

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                Enhancing workflow efficiency with high-performance, dependable equipment and consumables.

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                Maximizing throughput to help support and create an optimal environment for healthy cells.

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                General Labware

                Solving tomorrow’s problems today with quality glassware, labware, and accessories. 

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                Genomics & Molecular Biology

                Siimplifying your genomics applications from collection to analysis.

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                Fuel your expertise with the glassware trusted by scientists for more than 100 years.

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                Label-free Detection

                Evaluating new drug targets with label-free detection and screening technology.

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                Liquid Handling

                Bringing quality, reliability, and consistency to deliver dependable and innovative research outcomes.

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                Media, Sera, and Reagents

                Delivering consistent, repeatable results for seeding starter cultures or analyzing bacterial samples.

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                Providing beginning-to-end solutions for microbiology and quality testing labs.

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                Accelerating discovery with the right microplate and the right surface, right now.

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                Permeable Supports

                Helping you study both anchorage-dependent and independent cell lines.

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                Making your cells extraordinary with Corning surface solutions.

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