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                Cell Culture Solutions | Cell Culture Applications and Plates | Corning

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                Always Spot the Cells That Think They’re In Vivo

                2D cell culture has had an extraordinary place in cell culture history and will remain a viable cell culture model for many uses. Yet with the rise of promising new opportunities within such fields of study as cancer research and stem cell differentiation, using 2D models to obtain useful information about in vivo biological processes has created challenges.

                As research demands have become increasingly complex, we have been there every step of the way, creating 3D cell culture solutions that allow you to produce optimal environments for growing cells that exhibit in-vivo like behaviors and functionality.

                Explore this site to discover the diverse role 3D cell culture plays in furthering scientific discoveries in many fields of study, including:

                • Cancer research
                • Cell growth and differentiation
                • Stem cell biology
                • Immunology
                • Neurobiology

                As you'll see, we've provided extensive online resources from leading scientists, including Corning experts, who have shared their insights, protocols, studies, tips, and much more to help you get off to a great start. And check out how Corning supports research at every step, providing a full line of vessels, surfaces, and mediaalong with complete applications support, to help you harness the power of 3D modeling.

                Cell Culture Applications

                Cell Culture Innovation in Action

                Featured Resources

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