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                Clean-Air Products and Solutions | Life is Breathtaking | Corning

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                Corning applies its ceramic expertise to create clean-air products in the global quest for a healthier planet

                Corning's commitment to clean air

                Corning's commitment to clean air

                In the exhaust systems of cars and trucks, Corning’s clean-air products are hard at work removing harsh gases and particulate matter from the vehicle exhaust of cars and trucks. Although these clean-air products may look like simple ceramic cylinders, Corning’s substrates and filters are the result of advanced engineering and innovative material science.

                Substrates feature thousands of parallel channels that fight smog-causing pollutants. Filters trap thousands of soot particles per second to keep them from entering the air. Whether our customers are designing a small sedan or a heavy-duty tractor trailer, they can look to Corning’s range of products to help them achieve both a cleaner exhaust and powerful engine performance.

                Our products are complex, but their purpose is clear. It all comes down to making the air we breathe cleaner, so we can all enjoy life’s breathtaking moments.

                View the video above to learn more.

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