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                How to Buy | Advanced Optics | Corning

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                Our sales team will help you find the right products
                and solutions for all your optical needs.

                Sales Offices

                Sales Offices

                Laser Technologies GmbH

                Robert-Stirling-Ring 2
                D-82152 Krailling
                Tel. +49 89-899-4828–0
                Fax +49 89-899-4828-1111
                E-mail: clt-info@corning.com

                Spectral Sensing

                69 Island Street
                Keene, NH 03431
                Phone: +1 603-357-7662
                Fax: +1 603-357-7764
                email: hyper@corning.com

                Semiconductor Materials

                334 County Route 16
                Canton, NY 13617 United States
                Phone: +1 315-379-3600
                Fax: +1 315-379-3310

                Manufacturing Locations

                Manufacturing Locations

                Corning Canton Plant

                334 County Route 16
                Canton, New York 13617, United States
                Phone: +1 315-379-3600
                Fax: +1 315-379-3310

                Corning Fairport Plant

                60 O'Connor Road
                Fairport, New York 14450, United States
                Phone: +1 585-388-3500
                Fax: +1 585-377-1966

                Corning Keene Plant

                69 Island Street
                Keene, New Hampshire 03431, United States
                Phone: +1 603-357-7662
                Fax: +1 603-357-7764

                Corning France Plant

                Specialty Glass
                Rue Saint Laurent
                CS 10243 Bagneaux sur Loing
                77797 Nemours Cedex
                Phone: +33-1-64-45-40-48  
                Fax: +33-1-64-45-40-02

                Corning Laser Technologies GmbH

                Robert-Stirling-Ring 2, D-82152 Krailling
                Phone: +49 (89) 899 4828 – 0
                Fax: +49 (89) 899 4828-1111
                Email: clt-info@corning.com

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