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                Materials Science | Material Science Expertise with Glass, Optics, and Ceramics | Corning

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                We’re living in a material world — and our scientists are at the forefront of innovating things that matter.

                Materials science is a broad field of study exploring the vast potential of solid matter in a boundless array of applications.

                By bringing together various scientific disciplines like chemistry, biology, and physics, materials scientists delve into the world of solid matter at the molecular level. They seek to understand the complex inner structure of a material; its various properties; how processing can change it; and what it can do.

                The creativity, curiosity, technical knowledge, and persistence of materials scientists has resulted in more life-changing innovations than most of us can imagine. Powerful semiconductors, artificial joints, housing to withstand the stormiest weather — all these are the innovative work of materials scientists and their teams in the lab.

                At Corning, the material of glass has captured our imagination since 1851. We’ve expanded that knowledge to include ceramics and polymers, and in so doing have become one of the world’s leading materials science innovators.

                Our materials science discoveries have changed the way people communicate, learn, and enjoy life; they’ve cleaned the air and enabled new medicines. Each generation builds on the knowledge of those who have come before — and with each new discovery, more doors open, making the life-enhancing applications nearly limitless.

                Unparalleled Materials Expertise


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