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                2018 Annual Meeting

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                To Our Shareholders:
                2018 was a terrific year for Corning. We grew core sales and earnings per share. We returned cash to shareholders through stock buybacks and a double-digit dividend increase. We won new customers. And we launched new products that continue our track record of innovation. Most importantly, we have positioned the company for sustainable, long-term growth by delivering on our Strategy and Capital Allocation Framework.

                2019 Annual Meeting
                The Annual Meeting will be held on Thursday, May 2, 2019, at 11 a.m. Eastern Time, at The Corning Museum of Glass Auditorium, One Museum Way, Corning, New York 14830.

                The Annual Meeting is open to holders of our common shares who held such shares as of the meeting’s record date, March 4, 2019. To attend the meeting, you will need to register upon arrival. We may check for your name on our shareholders’ list and ask you to produce valid photo ID. If your shares are held in street name by your broker or bank, you should bring your most recent brokerage account statement or other evidence of your share ownership. If we cannot verify that you own Corning shares, it is possible that you will not be admitted to the meeting.

                Important Message About Voting Your Shares
                If you do not vote your shares on Proposal 1 (Election of Directors), Proposal 2 (Approval of executive compensation -“Say on Pay”), and Proposal 4 (Approval of the 2019 Equity Plan for Non-Employee Directors) your brokerage firm cannot vote them for you and your shares will remain unvoted. Therefore, it is very important that your vote your shares.

                If you are a Corning shareholder who has not yet voted, please do so via the link below.

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