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                Corning's Management Committee | Our Leadership | Corning

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                “It is a privilege to be part of an institution that has been making a positive difference in the world for more than 165 years.  As leaders, our goal is not peak performance during our brief time at the helm of this great company, but sustainable performance.  And we are committed to leaving Corning even stronger for the generations who follow us." - Wendell P. Weeks, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

                Explore ideas and insights from Corning's leaders.

                Corning's Management Committee

                Corning's Management Committee

                Wendell P. Weeks | Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

                Wendell P. Weeks has served as Corning’s chief executive officer since April 2005 and chairman of the board since April 2007. He has been a member of the company’s board of directors since December 2000. As CEO, Weeks has focused on creating new growth drivers and building a bigger, stronger, and more agile company.

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                Lawrence D. McRae | Vice Chairman & Corporate Development Officer

                Larry McRae is vice chairman and corporate development officer. In this role, he implements strategies related to Corning’s business portfolio, partner agreements, and mergers and acquisitions. He is also responsible for managing the office of the CEO.

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                James P. Clappin | Executive Vice President, Corning Glass Technologies

                James P. Clappin is executive vice president of Corning Glass Technologies (CGT). Comprising CGT are: Display Technologies; Precision Materials; High Performance Displays; and Specialty Materials, which includes Corning® Gorilla® Glass for handheld, IT, and wearable applications and Advanced Optics, a diverse set of businesses with world class optical capabilities for the semiconductor and consumer electronics industries. In addition to business leadership, Clappin has responsibility for glass-related manufacturing and technology.

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                Martin J. Curran | Executive Vice President & Corning Innovation Officer

                Marty Curran was appointed Corning’s first innovation officer in August 2012. In this role, Curran manages a portfolio of programs to increase the probability of success for new business opportunities. The innovation office was created to build an entrepreneurial-focused organization that could operate across all business segments to identify and develop near-term revenue opportunities. 

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                Dr. Jeffrey Evenson | Executive Vice President & Chief Strategy Officer

                Jeff Evenson was appointed executive vice president in 2018 and has served as chief strategy officer since 2015. In this role, Evenson oversees corporate strategy, corporate communications, and advanced analytics.

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                Robert P. France | Senior Vice President, Human Resources

                Robert P. France was appointed senior vice president, Human Resources in June 2019. Prior to this, he was vice president, Human Resources. He is responsible for leading the global Human Resources function to deliver on business requirements.

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                Clark S. Kinlin | Executive Vice President

                Clark Kinlin is executive vice president, Corning Incorporated. He leads Corning Optical Communications and is responsible for worldwide production, development, and sales of optical fiber, cable, and connectivity solutions used in Carrier and Enterprise Networks.

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                Dr. David L. Morse | Executive Vice President & Chief Technology Officer

                David Morse is Corning’s executive vice president and chief technology officer. Morse is responsible for managing Corning’s innovation portfolio and creating new growth drivers for the company. 

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                Anne Mullins | Senior Vice President & Chief Digital & Information Officer

                Anne Mullins was appointed senior vice president and chief digital and information officer in August 2019. In this role, she is responsible for leading the strategic direction of Corning’s global information technology function and evolving the company’s digital footprint.

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                Eric S. Musser | Executive Vice President, Corning Technologies & International

                Eric Musser is executive vice president of Corning Technologies and International and is responsible for leading the growth and expansion of Corning’s Environmental Technologies, Life Sciences, and Pharmaceutical Technologies segments. In addition, he oversees Corning’s international regions, and the Global Manufacturing, Supply Management, Quality, and Safety functions.

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                Lewis A. Steverson | Executive Vice President & General Counsel Corning Incorporated Law Department

                Lewis Steverson is executive vice president and general counsel of Corning Incorporated. In this role, Steverson serves on Corning’s Management Committee, advises the committee and the Board of Directors on all legal matters, is responsible for all legal issues for the company, and manages the global law department. In addition, he oversees Global Security, Global Information Security, and Data Privacy.

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                Tony Tripeny | Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer

                Tony Tripeny was appointed executive vice president in 2018 and has served as Corning’s chief financial officer since September 2015. In this role, Tripeny is the chief steward of Corning’s financial health, overseeing the finance and Investor Relations functions. 

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